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4 Ways to Save Your Practice Time

Two optometrists working

Jun 1, 2021

The amount of time any given eye care office spends on administrative tasks is staggering. A lot of these tasks are simple, but they really add up. For example, if you consider the amount of time it takes to retrieve a record (an average of 7 minutes) and then think about the number of files retrieved in a week then records retrieving accounts for a few hours of labor a week.

The good news is that there are many opportunities to cut out time wasting activities and improve efficiency in the office. 

Here are 4 ways to save time in your practice: 
Automate BAA monitoring. Each business associate agreement (BAA) has to have a termination point written into it. This is usually written to say “good until notice of cancellation” but can also reflect a set end date. Each year your agreements should be reviewed to make sure that they are still valid or if they’ve been cancelled. If your agreements are scanned into a file management system, they can automatically generate proactive notifications when it’s time for a review.

Integrate a document management system with your EHR. This is not the same as an Electronic Health Record. EHRs provide current clinical records, but aren’t able to give you historical information, are inefficient at storing images and don’t offer a way to access non-medical information relegated to a paper file. Document management systems fix all of that, allowing you to access everything about the patient through a single, intuitive interface.

Print directly to the patient record. If you’re using Visual Fields or other equipment that hasn’t been upgraded in recent years, you likely find yourself printing patient reports out of the equipment, then having to scan the printed image into the record (see #2). With ECRVault, you can send a digital copy directly to the patient record using the “print to archive” record.

Scan files more efficiently. If you’re scanning files one at a time, you’ll likely find that for every record you scan, 10 more pile up. Upgrade your scanning software and equipment to process more pages per minute. This scanning set up should do at least 60 pages per minute and should be synced up you’re your records management software.

Saving time isn’t just about being more efficient. When you cut out paper records and find ways to operate more efficiently, while putting more patient information at your fingertips, you can provide higher quality care. You’re able to detect issues early on with historical data and you’re able to ensure your practice stays on top of essential regulations without spending too much of your time unnecessarily. 

Is your practice draining time unnecessarily? A certified Eyefinity partner, ECRVault works with eye-care clinics nationwide to extend the power of their practice management platform and better manage their patient records. watch our demo.

We started using ECR Vault when we transitioned to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The scan speed is amazing and I can't imagine using a typical scanner to scan patient files that are 50 to 100 pages long, not to mention the convenience of scanning both sides at once. I would highly recommend ECR Vault to anyone going from paper to EMR."

Craig Nielsen, OD
Meriden, CT