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3 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Optometry Practice


Mar 1, 2023

Making the most of the technology in your practice can not only improve staff and patient engagement, it can improve your business operations. If technology is working for your practice, you can leverage the resources you need to succeed and grow.

Here are some of the key ways that your practice can benefit from having the right technology in place.

Maximize your time with an integrated Document Management System

Operating an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software can be great for your business, but imagine if you could integrate your EHR with a document management system – maximizing and improving efficiency in the office. Although EHRs provide you with current patient data, they are not able to give you historical information, and are not efficient at storing paper records, images, and other crucial documents connected to patient files. With an integrated document management solution, like ECR Vault you can store current and historical patient files in a single, intuitive interface. Imagine how much time you could really be saving.

Having the right technology in place can help you avoid timely tasks like scanning patient files or looking for dated patient records. When you set up additional software integrations, like a document management system, you can have your patient information at your fingertips, providing higher quality care.  

Increase Security and Maintain Greater HIPAA Compliance

When it comes to protecting your patients’ data, it’s critical that your practice is covered from every angle. Have you ever worried about HIPAA compliancy or file security?

With an integrated document management solution, like ECR Vault in place you can incorporate automatic compliance features like document protection and role-based security that make sure only those authorized to view certain files are able to view them.

This means you can stay within HIPAA’s rules and guidelines and increase the security around your files. With the right technology you could rest easy and ensure that your practice’s most crucial documents are protected at all times.

Protection Against Natural Disasters or File Loss

Effective disaster recovery plans ensure instant access to your business documents and information from any location. Even if you have to relocate your office, scanning and indexing critical documents secures your business. 

A document management system like ECR Vault protects your documents from loss during a time of crisis. This eliminates the need to worry about physical damage, upgrading server rooms, or updating software. All you need is an internet connection and your files can be accessed remotely through your web browser. 

Does your practice need to take a second look at its technology? ECRVault works with eye-care clinics nationwide to extend the power of their practice and increase the efficiency of their daily operations... Contact us today

We started using ECR Vault when we transitioned to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The scan speed is amazing and I can't imagine using a typical scanner to scan patient files that are 50 to 100 pages long, not to mention the convenience of scanning both sides at once. I would highly recommend ECR Vault to anyone going from paper to EMR."

Craig Nielsen, OD
Meriden, CT